OFFSHORE CABLES,FIRE RESISTANT, SCREENED, HALOGEN-FREE SHEATHED, INSTRUMENTATION & TELECOMMUNICATION CABLES Marking BIRTAS KABLO MLXTCH-FR x mm2 Part no GOST-R Applications These fire resistant halogen-free screened cables are mainly used in fixed installations and these twisted pairs (in pair form) are mainly used for data engineering where low current consumptions are required such as e.g. instrumentation, telecomunication and control cable in ships. They are very resistant to all conditions in the marine environment such as dry, wet and oil. The pairs form with optimum pair and layer pitch prevent mutual interaction from neighbouring conductor circuits as well from adjacent external cables. And also consisting of tinned copper wires as screen provides protection against external pulses.Because of their screened by copper wire braided they prevent interference by radio and electronic equipment. These cables are used for safety, alarm and other critical systems....

Product features

Standard IEC 60092-353 & IEC 60092-350 (Designed according to)
Conductor temperature Max. + 95 oC
Short-circuit temperature Max. + 350 oC
Insulation resistance >100 MΩ.km
Rated voltage 250 V
Test voltage 1500 V
Temperature range - 30 oC ~ + 90 oC
Min. installation temperature -10 oC
Min. bending radius 12 x D
Flame test IEC 60332-3 & TS/DIN EN 50266-2-4
Smoke density test IEC 61034-2 & TS/DIN EN 61034-2
Halogen-free properties test IEC60754-1/2 & TS/DIN EN 50267-2
Insulation integrity IEC 60331 , VDE 0472-814
Fire resis. with mech. Shock DIN EN 50200; PH30-PH60-PH 90


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