HIGH TEMPERATURE MULTICORE SILICONE CABLES Marking BIRTAS KABLO H0SS-F 3 x 1.5mm2 1708 08 003 Part no GOST-R Applications These silicone insulated cables are used as mobile connecting cables for equipment where high temperatures can arise as well as for ambient air temperature between –60oC and +180 oC. These cables are used in all areas of low mechanical load e.g in ship building, power plants, cooking plants, glass and ceramic works,foundaries , solarium and sauna installations for high power lighting fixtures etc. Cable Design Conductor IEC 60228 Class 5, TS/DIN EN 60228 Class 5 Flexible copper wires,plain or tinned; Insulation Silicone rubber compound, EI2 Core identification According to TS HD 308 S2 & VDE 0293-308 Lay-up Cores laid up in layers of optimum pitch Outer sheath Silicone rubber compound, EM9 Sheath colour Oxbrown-red

Product features

Standard DIN VDE 0282-15 and TS HD 22.15 S1
Insulation resistance Min. 20 MΩ.km
Temp. at conductor + 180 oC
Short circuit tempetarure +200oC
Rated voltage 300 / 500V
Test voltage 2000 V
Temperature range - 60 oC ~ + 180 oC Mobile: - 25 oC ~ + 180 oC
Min. bending radius 4 x D Mobile: 7,5 x D
Flame retardance test IEC 60332-1 & EN 50265-2-1 IEC 60332-3 & EN 50266-2-4
Insulation integrity IEC 60331 , VDE 0472-814


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