HIGH TEMPERATURE, TWISTED PAIR RESISTANT TO FIRE SILICONE CABLES Marking BIRTAS KABLO SIMH FR/PF FE 180 4 x 2 x 0.50mm2 1712 05 004 TS Ex 3164 Part no GOST-R Applications These twisted pairs (pair form) cables fields of use as a control and power supply cable they are fire proof and halogen free cables which, on the basis of a fixed operating mode, can continue with the supply of a power for a period of 180 minutes under the existing fire conditions (at a temperature of 750OC and under the flames ). Also these cables shall satify EN50200 test which is a fire resistant with mechancal shock test (under the conditions at 842oC and mechenical shock) by the classes PH15-PH30-PH60-PH90, if it has requsted, Because of their unique features, they can be used; on the fire alarm systems, lighting systems on the equipment and devices which are connected to the fire alarm devices, in the environments which have no corrosive gases are emitted in the event of fire. These cables...

Product features

Standard VDE 0250, DIN VDE 0282-15 and TS HD 22.15 S1 (Designed according to)
Insulation resistance Min. 20 MΩ.km
Temp. at conductor + 180 oC
Short circuit tempetarure +200oC
Rated voltage 300 / 500V
Test voltage 2000 V
Temperature range - 60 oC ~ + 180 oC Mobile: - 25 oC ~ + 180 oC
Min. bending radius 4 x D Mobile: 7,5 x D
Flame retardance test IEC 60332-1 & EN 50265-2-1 IEC 60332-3 & EN 50266-2-4
Insulation integrity IEC 60331 , VDE 0472-814
Fire resistant with mechanical shock *Upon request DIN EN 50200 ; PH 15 (15 minutes) DIN EN 50200 ; PH 30 (30 minutes) DIN EN 50200 ; PH 60 (60 minutes


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