HIGH TEMPERATURE SCREENED SILICONE CABLES Marking BIRTAS KABLO H05SC4S-K (SİMH-C1) 6 x 1mm2 1714 07 006 Part no GOST-R Applications These silicone insulated,sheated and screened cables are used as mobile connecting cables for equipment where high temperatures can arise as well as for ambient air temperature between -60oC and +180 oC and environments which must be protected against external high electromagnetic fields. Also these cables are used in mechanical engineering for instrumentation and control equipment for tooling machinery production lines. The screen protects against external pulses and ensures an interference-free transmission. Cable Design Conductor IEC 60228 Class 5, TS/DIN EN 60228 Class 5 Flexible copper wires, plain; Insulation Silicone rubber compound,EI2 Core identification According to TS HD 308 S2 & VDE 0293-308 Acc. to TS/DIN EN 50334 black cores with white numerals with green/yellow after 5 cores Lay-up Cores laid up in layers of optimum...

Product features

Standard VDE 0250, DIN VDE 0282-15 and TS HD 22.15 S1 (Designed according to)
Insulation resistance Min. 20 MΩ.km
Temp. at conductor + 180 oC
Short circuit tempetarure +200oC
Rated voltage 300 / 500V ; 450/750 V ≥4,0 mm2
Test voltage 2000 V ; 2500 V ≥4,0 mm2
Temperature range - 60 oC ~ + 180 oC Esnek: - 25 oC ~ + 180 oC
Min. bending radius 4 x D Mobile: 7,5 x D
Flame retardance test IEC 60332-1 & EN 50265-2-1 IEC 60332-3 & EN 50266-2-4
Insulation integrity IEC 60331 , VDE 0472-814


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