SIMAC ® 63 Surface Quality Inspection System

SIMAC ® - Overview


The SIMAC ® is a modern surface inspection system for extruded products like pipe, cable and hose, where machine vision technology is used consistently. Mechanical design and software are the result of years of experience and refinement. The system takes into account the most diversified surfaces and colors, which exist in case of extrusion of plastic or rubber products. The SIMAC ® systems spots the smallest surface defects anywhere on the product, even at the periphery, with certainty. Advantages Easy to use, with a graphical user interface (GUI) of the latest generation Touch screen Very compact design Bright and focused image, sees faults down to 100 µm (.004 in.) Up to a line speed of 500 m/min (1640 ft/min) LED lighting system Length related scanning and fault definition Typical Applications Cables Hot water pipes Compound pipes Gas pipes Automotive tubing Rubber hoses And any high quality product Standard System Complete, ready-to-operate, consisting of: Sensor...

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