SISMA CA - Protection flooring with concrete foundations  - ATLINE SP.J.


SISMA CA is an intrusion detection system for the protection of flooring with concrete foundations. Unique of its kind, the system uses special pressure sensors which detect a person walking or standing on the protected area. Being integrated into the concrete screed of the flooring, SISMA CA sensors prove to be completely invisible and very hard to circumvent and sabotage. SISMA CA discreetly protects all the areas before windows and doors, detecting an unauthorized access long before an intruder has entered the target building. Being completely invisible, the system does not interfere with the beauty of the place to be protected. This is appreciated not only for residential sites, but also for the protection of archeological and historic sites. SISMA CA has a very high immunity towards environmental nuisances and in particular towards climatic variations. The sensors, sealed and protected against seepage of water and mechanic stress, have a long lasting life and are maintenance free. For an easy and quick installation of the system, the sensors are provided in prewired modules for 1 to 4 square metres. The sensors in each module are assembled on two different connection lines, so that an intruder crossing or standing on the protected area could generate a signal on both of the lines at the same time. In this way, the system processes a "double consent" to effectively discriminate possible environmental nuisance from actual intrusions. Since each sensor-module is connected to its own processing board, and the latter can be univocally identified, SISMA CA allows to accurately locate the area concerned by the intrusion and calibrate the sensitivity level of each zone according to the needs.

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