SISTO-C Elastomer diaphragms

soft elastomers, EPDM, 140°C, FDA-requirements, EU1935, USP-Guidlines


SISTO-C Elastomer diaphragms SISTO soft elastomers are made from an EPDM rubber which has been designed to withstand an operating temperature of up to 140°C. The diaphragm material corresponds to FDA requirements, EU1935 and has been tested and certified in accordance with USP guidelines. The diaphragms are well suited for use in “cold applications” such as in WFI systems, and thanks to their high ozone resistance they have proven extremely successful in CIP applications with all types of standard cleaning media. These EPDM diaphragms are also ideal for sterile steam applications. A piece of fabric integrated into the EPDM rubber enables the diaphragm to be used under vacuum. The diaphragms can easily handle solids-loaden fluids and have a long service life.

  • Diaphragm valve
  • TFM
  • Elastomer diaphragms

Product features

Pressure class PN16; 16 bars
dimensions MD30-MD202
Operating temperature -20°C -140°C
Diaphragm EPDM; TFM/EPDM bonded; TFM/EPDM 2 layers
Sealing system enclosed, spiral supported diaphragm
Approval FDA; USP; EU1935

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