The CP225D is currently the most powerful constant potential X-Ray generator in ICM’s portfolio. Supplemental to its outstanding penetration capacity (up to 47 mm for steel in just 10 minutes), it includes a built-in multiple X-Ray output carrousel that features a Beryllium window for the inspection of lighter alloys such as aluminum and carbon fiber. The CP225D is one of the most versatile generators on the market and will adapt to an extremely wide variety of applications. In fields as diverse as the construction or petrochemical industries, its power and small focal spot, light weight, compactness and high penetration capacity will be much appreciated.

Non-destructive tests
  • NDT
  • x-rays
  • Digital Radiography

Product features

Output voltage 10 to 225 kV
Tube current range 1 to 10 mA
Weight 12.1 Kg

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