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Novelis specialty aluminum offers a range of possibilities for interior and decorative designs. The light weight and flexibility make it ideal for use in aluminum ceiling panels. Smooth or perforated, Novelis pre-painted products can be used for aluminum ceiling panels, grid ceilings, long panel cassettes, lamp grid elements, substructure partitions, aluminum decorative panels and support rails. The aluminum also can be combined with other materials to achieve excellent acoustic absorbance. With the modular production of aluminum ceiling tiles, if there’s ever any damage, only that area requires replacement, making maintenance simple and more cost-effective. With the versatility of aluminum, interior spaces can be as visually impressive as the exterior. Novelis pre-painted and anodized aluminum can make rooms better from the top down, providing options to enhance ceilings in a room, as well as the furniture to fill it.

Aluminium sheets and bands
  • Aluminum Ceiling Panels
  • pre-painted aluminium sheet
  • rolled aluminum for ceilings

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