Working range: DN 40–300 (1 ½” – 12”) Immersion depth: 600 mm (23.6“) (other immersion depths upon request) Minimum distance between sealing services: 41 mm (1.6”) Drive: electric or pneumatic EFCO SL-15.02 can be applied independently of: • thickness and hardness of the sealing surfaces, • mounting position of the valve (horizontal, vertical), • shape of valve (with or without cover flange, oval-shaped or round). The universal mounting system of this machine allows: • safe and fast clamping, • easy handling, • bilateral installation and quick replacement of the drive motors, • easy adjustment of the required immersion depth. The SL-15.02 is equipped with various planet-wheels as well as radial adjustable planet-arms to carry the grinding or lapping discs (planets). Grinding discs and spindles for usage with self-adhesive abrasive paper or foil rings are used as grinding tools.

Portable power sanders
  • grinding

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