SMARTline single in copper

SMARTline Full HD KVM Extender over IP

581.00€ HT


The highly optimized KVM Extender over IP has a range of 150m/492ft at a resolution of 1920x1200@60Hz and is available in copper as single version. The perfect tuning of kvm-tec video compression with zero latency enables a delay-free transmission of the signals. USB and video is transmitted via CAT5e/6/7 cable and the DVI extension allows full HD videos to be tranmitted in real time without loss of quality. The transparent USB 2.0 interface aleady supports tablets and touch screens, sound modules, printer and much more in the standard version. USB Upgrade is available for memory sticks and USB hard drives. High reliability and robust design makes the low-cost kvm-tec Extender Ideal for many applications. The kvm-tec feature "USB save" prevents the intrusion of viruses via the USB interface by deactivating mass storage devices. With the Switching Upgrade the SVX1 can be integrated with standard network components to a Matrix Switching System up to 48 endpoints

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