The most variable strapping machine for folded boxes


Universal strapping of 3 and 4-point folding boxes User-friendly and intuitive Format change in less than 2 minutes Robust and extremely low maintenance ETS - pull-out strapping module High capacity 5000 bundle recipes ASLF 'Anti-Strap-Loss-Function' Constant strap control Strap end detection system with automatic discharge of remaining strap DAT 'Direct-Access-Technology' The exclusive eject function avoids strap jam EPP 'Exact Product Path' GreenTech energy concept, low power consumption OPTIONAL: Machine movable OPTIONAL:Bundle stop plate for second strap OPTIONAL: Bundle compensator backside OPTIONAL: Narrow products, min. package width 95 mm OPTIONAL: Lateral belts with quick adjustment OPTIONAL: Fully automatic format adjustment, format change in 30 seconds Bundle stop plate with pre-positioning, no contact with bundle when clearing the bundle, with quick adjustment Bundle press, pre-positioning and electric driven Production data analysis via Ethernet/USB SMART TOUCH –...

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