The NEW CLASS for Automatic strapping machine


User-friendly and intuitive Economical owing to highest availability Robust and extremely low maintenance Powerful Variable strap width 60 cycles per minute, with High-Speed Kit (optional) ASLF 'Anti-Strap-Loss-Function' Constant strap control Automatic cycle start by tabletop sensor (optional) Automatic Strap feed Strap width 5 - 12 mm, either Strap end detection system with automatic discharge of remaining strap Automatic strap tensioning (optional) Coil holder inside (either externally) Operation Terminal with Soft-Button DAT 'Direct-Access-Technology' The exclusive eject function avoids strap jam Torque controlled strap tension, adjustable Single-Copy-Strap Foot-bar at the operator side Machine movable MFT 'Mono-Frame-Technology' Power connection top (either bottom) Table height steplessly adjustable Table top front hinged by 270 °, removable Wear-free, energy saving direct-drive-motors Low maintenance and low wear strap arch Many specific options available, easily configurable

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