254 is one of the hardest materials of austenitic stainless steel. We specialize in supply and manufacture of 254 SMO Seamless Pipes.We are exclusive in terms of our delivery model. We claim the fastest delivery in the industry. Our company’s objectives are driven by customer satisfaction. We have developed a great brand and trust in the industry in the supply of high nickel based alloys.254 SMO is designed for maximum resistance to corrosion. With chemical composition of high molybdenum and chrome, it is ideal for use in high chloride environments. It is often used in areas where 316 or 317l have failed to corrosion. It offers the most superior resistance to chloride. It is often used as a less expensive substitute for nickel based and titanium alloys. Typical Properties: Excellent resistance to crevice corrosion.Cheaper alternate to high nickel alloys Best alternate to high chloride environments High structural strength Excellent welding

Pipes and tubes, stainless steel
  • Pipes and tubes, stainless steel
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