SNAP-5114 is a novel legal research chemical drug and GABA reuptake inhibitor that effectively modulate GABAergic activity. Pharmacological inhibition of GABA transporter SNAP-5114 represents a novel approach to increasing GABAergic activity, and such agents may represent novel therapeutic agents. Thus, in addition to their interest from a basic science perspective, studies of the mechanism and function of SNAP-5114 are also clinically relevant, and will be increasingly so in the near future as more drugs are developed. SNAP-5114 have taken on a specialized usage related to synaptic transmission, namely, regulation of the concentration and duration of neurotransmitter in the synapse; this subserves multiple functions related to synaptic transmission, though the details are only now beginning to be elucidated. The main use most frequently ascribed to SNAP-5114 is the termination of synaptic transmission.

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