With long staffing experience for both corporate and start-up companies, our SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT STAFFING SERVICE offers you talent staffs responsible for developing various software applications, and helps you to cut much labor cost while maintaining progress and quality.. We provide all types of staffs responsible for software development such as: - - Software programming (Java developer, MEAN/LAMP developer, IOS developer,...) - Software Testing (Software Application tester, Mobile application tester,,,) - Graphic Design (Software UI Designer, Web Designer, Animation Designer...) - Software Design & Analysis (Software UX Designer, Software Requirement Analysis..) - Project Management (Project Manager, Team Leader..) - So on...

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Product features

Right staffing 50-1000 staffs
Extremely competitive pricing 50$-100000$
Effective & flexible solutions Diversified solutions
Good facilities & process Standard facilities & effective process
Meeting Scale-up & diversified hires Provide all position needed
Solid experience 11 years of staffing & 400 projects
Long term & devoted service Long term service with absolute devotion