Bentonite for HDD


PBMA-EXTRA and PBM-ETALON are used for the preparation of drilling fluids based on mineralized water (including sea water) and on salt saturated technical water and do not require any special water treatment before drilling fluid preparation. These bentonites are produced in accordance with Technical Specification 08.12.22-19-41219638-2016 and Technical Specification 08.12.22-021-41219638-2017. Manufactured by: Kurgan Bentonite Limited PBMA-EXTRA Has the ability to disperse in mineralized water; Produced from natural raw material without any synthetic polymers and salts of heavy polyvalent cations; Is used for borehole drilling in salt beds and chemogenic rocks. PBMA-ETALON Ensures stability of the borehole walls by “reinforcing” it with strong and elastic filter cake; Is used as a mineral ultra-dispersed base for drilling fluids with extremely high structural, mechanical and rheological

Drilling machinery
  • drilling fluids
  • viscoplastic

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