"SPVM Odor Blowback and Dispersion Prevention System" features simultaneous implementation of negative pressure ventilation control which stops odor, bioaerosols and virus from leaking from sewer systems of numerous buildings and 'urban building' odor blocking and reduction feature capable of odor reduction and sterilization of bioaerosols. [Product Use] - Personal sewer systems - Public sewers - Mediation pumping stations - Other uses: Used to prevent polluted air from leaking into the city space by connecting to other industrial sewage facilities that have openings leading to odor blowback and dispersion. [Our Company] SCENTEC SCENTEC specializes in environmental deodorization and daily life smells, and provides pleasant air spaces through industrial, wide-use odor consulting. - Website http://scentec.co.kr - Email sfe123@scentec.co.kr - Phone Call +82-31-423-0082 +82-10-5224-3461 Domestic 1544-8785

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South Korea