S-Ply® leaf springs

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S-Ply® is the registered name for composite leaf springs that are manufactured by Prause Durotec. The reinforcing material has a strictly parallel-oriented, non-interlaced glass or carbon fibre structure. The fibres are neither pre-stretched nor bent. In contrast to metallic materials with an isotropic structure, they are direction dependent and therefore can be aligned to suit the material structure.   Epoxy resin compounds are used as binding agents. Their special balanced composition ensures high adhesion to the glass fibre surface, resulting in optimum dynamic and electrical properties. The ratio of matrix resin and reinforcement fibres has been chosen to profit from all of the benefits offered by the raw materials selected to form the composite material.   The matrix fulfils a number of important tasks. It provides fixing for the fibre in the desired arrangement and supports it against buckling when under compressive stress.  In addition, it has good load carrying and transmissio

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59823 Arnsberg - Germany