Features Low-speed rotating nozzles for tanks/containers cleaning. Rotation of 5–10 rpm at 0.3 MPa (ca. 3 bar). Maximized contact time between cleaning object and spray liquid achieves higher cleaning effect. High heat-resistant. Applications Cleaning of tanks, containers, filling machines, and conveyors

Cleaning, tanks and cisterns
  • tank cleaning
  • industrial spraying
  • nozzles

Product features

Pipe conn. size Rc 1/8" – Rc 3/4"
Rated pressure 0.15–1.0 MPa (ca. 1.5 - 10 bar)
Spray capacity 9.19–274 ℓ/min
Reach distance -
Cleaning distance -
Max. allowable temperature 150℃ (300°F)

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SR Series Tank cleaner

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