S-STORE Series Automated Carousel-type Storage Systems

Automated Storage and Retrieval System


Automated carousel-type systems are used for storage and quick access to spare parts, accessories, small parts, tools, hardware, etc. Application: •Warehouses in various kinds of industries: (automotive, medical, electronic, mechanical engineering, etc.) •Companies dealing with a large amount of printed documentation (archives, designers, developers, etc.) Available designs: •Reinforced design. Used for storage of heavy materials like spare parts, hardware, tooling, etc. j, •Lightweight design. Used for storage of documents (folders, binders, cards, papers), SMD components, drugs and other lightweight items. Features: •Top efficiency usage of production and storage facilities •Automatic delivery of materials to an operator •Increased speed and precision of warehouse operations •Fast search of materials with the help of LED indicators on the give-away window •Protective barriers ensure safety while operating the system

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