S-Safe Series Safety Storage Cabinets for Flammable Liquids

Type 90 fire resistance according to EN 14470-1


Fire Safety Cabinet in compliance with EN 14470-1 with 90 minutes fire resistance intended for indoor storage of flammable products. - Double welded carcass made from 1 - 1.5 mm thickness steel sheet and insulation panel of between the walls. Insulation material is fiber glass fleece coated gypsum board. Outer carcass is coated with epoxy resin powder. Inner carcass is paneled with high quality melamine impregnated medium-density fiberboard, which is resistant to acid and corrosive vapors. - If the temperature rises up to 70±10˚C, the doors and ventilation ducts are automatically closed while thermal expanding strip around the door's perimeter makes the inner content of the cabinet completely sealed off. - Cylinder lock for each door - Removable bottom sump for spilled liquids - Ø 100 mm air inlet and exhaust air ducts for whether natural ventilation or connection with forced ventilation/filtration systems - Feet adjustment level. - Ground loop

Stocking dangerous materials
  • Safety Storage Cabinets
  • laboratory furniture
  • Cabinet for flammables

Product features

Brand Name Sovtest
Standard EN 14470-1
Fire resistance 90 minutes

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