Stripping tool for cable diameters up to 40 mm, reliable, also for difficult insulation materials such as PUR, fluoropolymer, TPE Special polished blade is suitable for problematical insulation materials such as PUR, fluoropolymer, glass fibre, TPE and rubber Benefits: Large application range thanks to the interchangeable hooks, suitable for circular, longitudinal and spiral cuts, high quality of the blade ensures a perfect stripping result even for tough insulation materials, robust body, long durability - tested for more than 100,000 stripping operations, high ergonomics and user-friendliness (partly due to lightweight construction) Application range: Adjustable stripping tool for round cables made of various insulation materials (such as PVC, PTFE, rubber or PUR), can be used for cable diameters 4.5 - 25 mm and 20 - 40 mm thanks to the interchangeable hooks

Industrial cabling
  • stripping tool

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