STRATE AWALIFT 1/2 penta -

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The AWALIFT 1/2 penta offers lots of power while requiring very little space. The system is installed directly at the shaft wall; this configuration significantly reduces the required shaft diameter. In addition, the 1/2 penta offers our trusted separator system. The use of two pumps ensures a high level of operational reliability. Large system capacity despite small space requirements: The system is set up directly at the shaft wall This makes a small shaft diameter possible Larger buildings, industrial companies, individual streets Facilities that cannot be drained using natural gradient As protection from backwater damage Infrastructure facilities such as airports, industrial parks, underground stations etc. Product features One tank with two separator systems Two centrifugal pumps and motors according to type and operating location required Four pump gate valves Two non-return valves AWASTOP DN 100 K Y-pipe DN 100 Two pressure pipe gate valves DN 100

Product information

S235JR (St37-2)
2 component coating on epoxy resin basis