Hydraulic Submersible Water Pumps with grill Hydraulic Submersible Water Pumps with Open Suction Hydraulic Mounted Submersible Water Pumps Brochure Submersible Water Pumps 7 MOTIVES TO CHOOSE HYDRAULIC PUMPS FOR THE POWER PERFORMANCES The hydraulic pumps have an unbeatable power / weight/ dimension ratio, example an hydraulic motor with power of 15 k W have a weight of only 4 k g and the dimension of a beer cr ate , which other type of motor either electric, gasoline, pneumatic or other can give such concentrated power. This gives to the hydraulic pumps compactness, lightness, easy handling and unmatched performances. In case of emergencies and calamities (like floods) where are necessary efficiency, high power, speed, capacity of operate in all situations then no other pumping system is better then hydraulic pumps, guarantee !!! FOR THE SAFETY Absence of electricity is an implicit assurance of safety as it is impossible to cause electric shocks, a man can work in all...

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