The casing of these pillows is made of quilted percale cotton with a thin layer of wool. The filling is made of wool balls that are machine washable on a wool programme up to 40 C (do NOT put in the tumble dryer). You can decide how firm you want your pillow by adding or removing the wool balls. Your sleep is precious so adapt your pillow to suit your needs so that you are guaranteed optimal comfort. More details Would you like to see and feel these bedding products before making a decision? Just go to one of our sales outlets. Wool produces little static electricity so it does not retain dust or odours; it does not soil easily and needs much less washing than other fibres. Sometimes just giving it a good airing is sufficient. These pillows can be machine-washed in the event of an accident on a wool programme up to 40 C using a special wool detergent. Do NOT use the tumble dryer.

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