Bentonite for HDD


SUPERGEL is a multifunctional polymer-mineral additive. The composition of SUPERGELincludes environmentally friendly natural mineral components based on activated hydrocarbons of nutrients. SUPERGEL optimizes the structural, mechanical, rheological and filtration properties of bentonite suspensions in extreme horizontal drilling conditions. The viscosity behavior of bentonite suspensions after the treatment by 0.25% - 0.5% of SUPERGEL increase by 2 or more times, which allows not only to reduce bentonite consumption for the preparation of a HDD solution, but also to avoid additional polymer treatments. The nanosized bentonite hydrosol obtained by the action of SUPERGEL performs increased structural and rheological characteristics, and forms a dense low-permeability filter cake on the walls of the bore hole, which ensures the stability of the drilled hole. SUPERGEL addictive is compatible with all chemicals and materials used for drilling fluids preparartion.

Drilling machinery
  • polymer-mineral additive
  • supergel
  • rheological properties

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