PLASTIC NET FOR SUPPORT OF FLOWERS CULTIVATED FOR CUTTING. HORIZONTAL SUPPORT NETTING. You can buy from us plastic net giving support to flowers with long stems. The netting is manufactured of high-quality plastic and used for commercial growing of such flowers as tulip, carnation, freesia, chrysanthemum and other. Flowers grow with straight stems; flower buds don't lie on the ground. OPERATIONAL PRINCIPLE OF HORIZONTAL SUPPORT NETTING: Plastic netting should be spread on the ground and flower seedlings, bulbs or seeds planted in the openings of the netting. As plants grow the netting must be gradually risen from the ground level and fixed on pegs. As an alternative the second layer of netting can be applied. The net has 10*10 cm wide openings and is supplied in rolls. The mesh size in a roll equals to 0.9*500 meters or 1*500 meters.

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