SURVOS products are optimally suited to sheet metal forming, machining and assembly technology. Our SURVOS has also been successfully used in cutting and punching aluminium sheets, steel sheets, copper and brass sheets, in cold profiling, bending, embossing, sawing and drilling aluminium profiles for decades. SURVOS Plus L meets the strict food law requirements of the FDA US regulations in acc. with 21 CFR 178.3620(b) and 178.3120. SURVOS Plus has a high lubricity and quickly evaporates 100%.* * According to the specifications of the DAB (German Pharmacopoeia), an evaporation residue of < 0.01% is considered to be residue-free. The evaporation residue of SURVOS Plus L is 0.0045% or 45 ppm.

Lubricants, industrial
  • lubricant
  • minimum quantity lubrication

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Residue-free 100%

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