Impossible to find your motor? If you have a six-digit number (7 digits with point), please use it for your search with the search box. Still impossible to find your motor? You may contact us via email or you may also call us and we will be happy to assist you. Telephone number: 0049 (country code Germany) - (0) 30 - 347 99 020 How to find your engine! (For those who want to read?) Note: Search only the pages of the site in German! If you have the motor number 6-digit (or with a dot in the middle then 7 digits), enter it in the search space. More search options: (Uppercase or lowercase not important step!) Motor right (rechts) or left (links) "rechts swf" or "swf links" (Even if it is a VALEO, NIDEC or ITT motor) You will find all the motors right or left. (Motor head seen on the axis to the right or left) Shaft diameter = "swf wd 6" "swf WD10" "swf WD12" "WD15" Length axis (always measured from the plane of the three points of fixation) eg = "swf...

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