SWIR CAMERAS (InGaAs & MCT 900-2900nm) The recent discovery of electron initiated avalanche photodiodes (e-APD) using mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) semiconductor materials permitted a significant breakthrough in short wave (1-2.5 μm) infrared imaging. These diodes have an avalanche gain of up to 100 with an excess noise factor near 1, showing that the avalanche process is quasi deterministic. The hybridization of 320×256 e-APD arrays on silicon read-out circuitry permits to build imagers with fast readout rates (in the kHz range) while having at the same time a sub electron readout noise, which is a major improvement compared to previous infrared imaging technologies. The technology used to manufacture e-APDs is similar to the one used for standard HgCdTe diodes with a 100% fill factor, therefore a high quantum efficiency (typically QE=70-75 %) is maintained. Today this technology is made available to everybody: C-RED is opening a new era in terms of sensitivity and speed ...

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