The Revolution in the Therapy of the Rheumatic Diseases


- With proven effect within 20 days - Improves mobility within 20 days - Reduces significally inflammation within 20 days - Reduces significally the pain within 20 days - Cure the cause and Symptoms of Osteoarthritis - No side effects - Stimulates the endogenous production of HA in the Synovial fluid - Riverpharma Patented and licensed 3-layer technology - Protected against falsifications, imitations and copies - No competitor with similar characteristics - Outstanding properties and unique selling prepositions - Two different Hyaluronic Acids with two Molecular weights grants the best bioavailability and effectiveness - Two different kind of Hyaluronic Acids with QUICK REALEASE and SLOW REALEASE properties grants a long-lasting effect

Dietary and organic foods
  • joint pain
  • hyaluronic acid
  • osteoarticular treatments
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