A human is the most complex mechanism on the planet, and yoga is an instruction for its use. This is the opinion of a Sadhguru - a yogi, mystic, and coach of the world's leading companies. This fascinating book is based on the system "Internal engineering" developed by him, designed to remove cultural layers from yoga and present it as a technology for achieving joy and well-being, accessible to anyone. Guided by this ancient wisdom, presented in a modern way, everyone can make their life exactly what they want. Sadhguru has successfully delivered lectures on "Internal engineering" at the most prestigious institutions and universities around the world, including the United Nations, Google, General Electric, Sberbank, as well as Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, Yale University, Wharton school of business, Massachusetts Institute of technology, and so on. Sadhguru is also the founder of the non-profit charity Isha, which has more than 7 million volunteers worldwide.

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ISBN 978-5-04-094355-5
Pages 336
Weight 482 g.
Dimensions 210x163x20 mm
Binding Paperback (162x210)

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