Fuego SCS basic RF - Laboratory Gas Burners with wireless foot pedal ( available in EU countries only!) Suitable for all flame related applications in the laboratory. The low profile body facilitates ergonomic operation; the streamlined design reduces air flow disturbances in a clean room workbench.Made of stainless steel, with fireproof controls. Enables wireless operation due to modern radio foot pedal. With wireless stainless foot pedal, button function, 3 standard programs The foot pedal regulates the burning time either by continuous foot pressure or by start-stop function. - SCS Safety Control System with gas safety cut off: lgnition and flame control, temperature monitor, automatic unit switch off, residual heat display, burner head assembly monitor. - BHC Burner Head Control. - Removable burner head. - Tilt mechanism right / left. - Turbo flame. - Holding device for 3 inoculation loop holders. - Nozzles for natural gas, propane / butane gas. - Dimensions (W x H x D):...

Product features

Net weight 2,3 kg
Country of origin Germany
County of origin Thuringia
Gross weight 2,5 kg
Packing width 0,29 m
Packing height 0,13 m
Packing depth 0,27 m

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