Safety relays with forcibly guided contacts

OB 5623


• According to DIN EN 61810-1, DIN EN 61810-3 • With forcibly guided contacts • Energy efficient; Low energy consumption, because of impulse control, no holding consumption • Bistable Mechanical latching of contact position • Safe separation between all current circuits • Both coils non-polarised, neutral • Defined position when both coils are operated simultaneously • Impulse operation, duty cycle possible (under fault condition) • Wide temperature range • As option with manual operation (mechanical indication) • Washproof (only without manual operation) • Height 15.8 mm

Product features

Function Bistable relay
Type of relay bistabil
Contact material AgNi
Continuous current 8 A
Nominal voltage UN DC 6 - 110 V
Voltage Range UN 0,85 - 1,2 V
Test voltage (AC) contact set - coil ≥ 4 kV eff
Clearance and creepage distances, contact set - coil ≥ 5,5 mm
Temperature range (- / +) 40 - 75 °C
Protection type optional RT III (wash-tight); RT II (flux-proof relay)
Size L x W x H 83 x 22 x 15,8 mm
Approvals TÜV
Relay type OB 5623

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