Safflower - Oilseeds

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Safflower – an ancient oil and dye culture. It is used as an oilseed, the oil is used in the production of margarine. Products that are made of safflower dyeing, safflower oil is especially appreciated in cosmetology. It is saturated with linoleic acid (about 80%), which is not synthesized in the body. Linoleic acid gives elasticity to blood vessels, regulates important processes of the body, has a moisturizing effect, high penetrating ability. Safflower oil has a softening, strengthening and nourishing effect on the skin, normalizes cellular functions, improves blood circulation, has an antiinflammatory effect, high waterholding and moistureregulating ability. In addition, safflower oil dye serves as an active conductor of other components of cosmetics in deeper layers of the skin.