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“Safranbolu Lokum” is a famous brand used by our Company for more than 23 years. At our facilities, we manufacture more than 100 hundered types of Turkish delights with several ingredient at a daily capacity of 1000 Kg. Safranbolu lokum cares much about quality and has All types of quality certificates including ISO standarts and Halal food. With 5 different located showrooms, consumers can reach to quality Turkish Delights with lots of selections. Additional to showrooms, there are lots of abroad clients especially from Middle east importing our delicious delights. Meanwhile, Safranbolu lokum also manufactures several types of Turkish Coffees. Shippings are at 5Kg. packages if the client do not request special packages like 350 gr. Or 425 gr. Private labeling service is acceptable

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77700 Yalova - Turkey