Much more than salt for the nut With our mobile salting equipment nuts and kernels will be salted, spiced, flavored or dry coated carefully and continuously. Salting and coating take place while vertical conveying of the product. A polished stainless steel spiral reduces the adhesion of the product on its surface. Good mixing causes an even appearance and a pleasant taste distribution on the product. The mobile unit can be used independently before or after roasting. Parameters such as salt and oil quantity, angle of the spiral as well as spiral speed can be adjusted precisely by means of a modern control. The capacity of our machines is up to 2,500 kg per hour / 5,500 lb per hour (pistachios, almonds, cashew nuts, and others). Thanks to its modular design, they are small, compact, and extremely flexible. They are easy to use and require only a 32 A CEE socket and a ¾" water connection for the operation. Our salting - and coating - machines have a built-in cleaning-in-place...

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