A complete complex remedy for the body, mind and soul. Manufactured according to traditional alchemical principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus. Negative aspect Lack of life energy, not a lot of joy in life, phobias, psychological powerlessness Chance to develop People with a strongly developed positive attitude to life radiate vitality, liveliness, and a lot of success “I AM the current which feeds my life, with all the perfect victorious powers. I am LIFE.” The Salvation Essence Life stands for bringing out new life, but also new life impulses. It ensures health and vitality. Life is a mental attribute of humans, which we should always use, because this mental power can be used consciously, in order to be sent to all the organs and cells of the body. We just have to form the word life in our thoughts and words. PHYSICAL EQUIVALENCE The mental power of life lies in the female and male sex glands. Menopause, midlife. WHAT DOES THE SALVATION ESSENCE ACHIEVE IN...


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