A complete complex remedy for the body, mind and soul. Manufactured according to traditional alchemical principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus. Negative aspect Criticism, judging, condemning, hate, fear, disharmony Chance to develop The power to build up a positive decision-making ability and to reinforce oneself “I AM the true power within me, which guides my life and lets me make the right decisions.” The Salvation Essence Decision stands for our ability to distinguish and make judgments. We decide whether we find a situation or a person pleasant or unpleasant. Feelings such as joy or worry, hate, passion, or fear show themselves as feelings in our stomach. Negative thoughts, words, criticism, and judgment have destructive effects on our cells in the organism. Through the mental power of decision we build up a rested spirit and positive mental energy. By deciding to cut out nonproductive things from our life, a strong healing stream develops in our stomach,...


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