A complete complex remedy for the body, mind and soul. Manufactured according to traditional alchemical principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus. Negative aspect Lacking insight and imagination, restless mind, lack of purpose Chance to develop Activating the power to create, of the pictorial imagination and realization of our wishes “I AM the power of the intuition of my inner voice for my manifestation in my life.” The Salvation Essence Manifestation stands for the imagination in our consciousness. It helps us to use this gift positively for ourselves and the people in our vicinity. When we want to manifest something in our life, we need a pictorial imagination and positive feeling. Manifestation is strongly connected to the mental power of faith. If we imagine the result of our creation and unyieldingly believe in its realization, our subconscious immediately builds a focus towards its realization. This is a great universal law. PHYSICAL EQUIVALENCE The mental...


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