A complete complex remedy for the body, mind and soul. Manufactured according to traditional alchemical principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus. Negative aspect Chaos, inability to enjoy life, lack of motivation, jealousy, strong mood swings Chance to develop To bring the flow of giving and taking into balance and build up self confidence. “I AM pure power, which flows through me and keeps all functions of my four lower bodies in total order and harmony.” The Salvation Essence Freedom stands for the divine order and is also equivalent to the highest law of the universe. It stands for completeness and equality in our body, our spirit, and our emotions. The spiritual power of freedom sets free a person’s power to overcome and gives them energy to think and see things through. Demanding love curtails freedom. Suppressing freedom often shows in a disharmony of the lungs or in the heart. By affirming the words, freedom and divine order problems can be solved more...


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