Samogon original spirit yeast

0.72€ HT
100 g.


High-quality dry yeast for the preparation of alcoholic beverages, including at home, named "Samogon". In the production of yeast for drinks "Samogon" we used a specially developed strain, that contributes to the maximum fermentation of sugar and an increase in % alcohol. “Samogon” have a lot of advantages, in comparison with various yeast: ●Shorter fermentation time (4-5 days). ●No foam (no antifoam required). ●Greater viability (baker's yeast ceases to function at an alcohol concentration of 17-18% vol.). ●The minimum content of harmful impurities (for long periods of fermentation - baker's yeast ferment for 7-9 days ●The concentration of harmful impurities increases, the quality of the mash decreases accordingly). ●Allows you to get mash with a strength of up to 18% vol. ●In contradistinction to ordinary yeast (baked, pressed), you can get better alcohol. ●Sealed packaging provides convenient storage and product stability.

Yeasts and leavens, edible
  • dry alcohol spirit yeast
  • Dry yeast
  • yeast for the production of beverages
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