Sampling bag SteriBag Blue

Highly visible, transport of samples, for solid, semi-solid and liquid media


The sterile sampling bag SteriBag Blue is especially well suited for use in the food, animal feed and pharmaceutical industries. To prevent the danger of foreign matter in production, the sample bags and the tear-off closure are coloured blue. This shade of blue does not occur in a natural form in foodstuffs. Because of this it is highly visible and can be reliably discovered in a visual check if a bag or parts of it are ever mixed into production. The disposable sample bag is approved for contact with foods. It is suitable for storing and transporting solid, semi-solid and liquid media. Thanks to the large opening, the SteriBag Blue can be filled easily. The sample bag with labelling field is space-saving, easy to transport and leak-proof.

Laboratory equipment and instruments
  • transport
  • storage
  • packaging

Product features

Material PE

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