Organo-mineral sapropel fertilizer with rich content on natural minerals (66%) and other organic matter from Sibirian pure lake!!: 1. Harvest increasing by 50-150% 2. Redusing consumption of water 3. Long-time effect on plants and soil 4. Soil clean up and restore 5. Fast and healthy growth 6. Rich in humic and bioactive matters Agrochemical and physical properties of the product: Mass content of moisture 60 % Acidity pH 8.1 Mass content in absolutely dry matter %: Nitrogen 2,2 Phosphorus 0,5 Potassium 0,16 Calcium 14 Ferrum 1,5 Sulfur 1 The avarage content of organic matter 66 % We are ready to offer supplies of sapropel: 1. Sapropel dry - from 150 tons per month 2. Sapropel in tablets - from 200000 things per month 3. Sapropel pasty - from 200 tons per month 4. Mixed organo-minerals fertilizer, based on sapropel (individually for request of customer) Stable supply in any region of the world.

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