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Manufacturer for premium sauna fragrances (Florage)


Our services for large-scale and commercial customers •Product and fragrance development according to your requirements •Various bottles, closures and cartons to choose from •Marketing service (label, name, design etc.) •Safety data sheets in many languages •Export and sales support within and outside the EU •Information service on transport regulations, safety data sheets, product liability •Attractive gift boxes and individual packaging •Third-party filling and production of feed supplements •Fast and flexible delivery Would you like to create a unique sauna fragrance for your company-clients? We will help you develop your own signature fragrance or adapt an existing fragrance to your needs. Whether you are looking for a new fragrance, label, bottle or you have a question about sales or exports – we are always prepared for your questions and wishes

Oils and resinoids
  • Sauna Fragrances
  • essential oils
  • Wellness scents

Product features

Mountain Herbs The scent of mountains, noble alpine scent, has an invigorating effect
Blood orange Fruity and fresh smell, promotes concentration, activating, balancing
Lemon / Orange Stimulating, invigorating freshness, cool fragrance
Finnish birch Stabilising, stimulating, balancing
Mountain pine resinous forest smell, refreshing, strengthening, stimulates blood circulation
Green lime fresh, cool fragrance, refreshing, encouraging
Green apple Refreshing smell, penetration promoting, activating.
Coconut Vanilla Invigorating, activating, sweet-spicy smell
Herbal mixture Fresh, strong and clear fragrance. Spreads an atmosphere of depth and determination
Lavender The fragrance opens the senses, promotes love, friendship and harmony, has a balancing effect
Lemongrass Strong fresh citrus-like smell, invigorating, dispels tiredness
Tangerine Fruity and fresh smell, promotes concentration, activating, balancing
Melissa Spreads a clear and fresh, but mild natural scent, has a relaxing effect
Menthol Gives a cool atmosphere, mental energy, increases well-being
Mint The fragrance gives a cool atmosphere, inhibits excitement in the room, increases well-being
Nordic spruce fragrance of natural strength and the freshness of the forest, invigorating
Sauna Gold Spicy smell, calming and balancing
Wild eucalyptus Balancing, cleansing, stimulating, cooling

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