Nice textures & selected flavours presented in attractive shapes The most common extruded products are a wide variety of savoury, direct expanded snacks. Everybody is familiar with products like “Cheese balls”, “Peanut Flips”, “Potato sticks” etc. Raw-materials: Most savoury snacks are made from corn. Sometimes other raw-materials like potato powder, wheat or rice grits are used to impart an identifiable and attractive taste to the base product. Pulses or beans may be added to cater to distinctive local tastes. Similarly materials with high fiber content may be added to increase specific nutritional values. Process: The process can be divided into 3 stages. Pre-extrusion - Single or a homogeneous blend of various raw-materials is moisturised to a pre-determined level with water or water containing materials, prior to extrusion. The moisturisation is done either in batch mode during blending or continuously.


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