Scale Master Crystal Reformer Anti-Scale

Scale Master Crystal Reformer Anti-Scale


The Scale Master literally is a noise generator which pass the noise to the fluid carried by a modulated stochastic signal. Soon as the unarticulated signal is passed to the fluid, the corresponding molecules starts assuming a more organized distribution, affecting at the same time any other dissolved elements. No chemical changes at the fluid, just an improved physical organization . Scale Master is the key for ANTI-SCALING Changing hardness factors crystallization. HS Scale Master is "Crystal Reformer" Simply fix Scale Master on the Pipeline w/ brackets > No need to Cut the Pipelines nor making hole. > No need Power Supply. > No restriction for water flow & Very Efficient over scale fouling For 1. Anti-scale device for industrial level 2. Boiler system 3. Heat Exchanger 4. Cooler 5. All kinds of heat exchanging products with heavy scale build up

  • Tools, pneumatic
  • crystal reformer
  • scale master
  • antiscale

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HS Enc Co., Ltd.
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South Korea
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