Scales for animals. Floor scales for cattle VP-S 5000 kg -



Animal weighing scales are specialized and are considered efficient and safe equipment. It is used in enterprises specializing in the reproduction of agricultural animals and the production of livestock products. Specialists of the veterinary service and livestock specialists take part in the development of weighing equipment, and therefore the finished product in all respects meets the requirements of livestock enterprises. Scales for cattle belong to a separate category of weighing equipment, they have certain design features depending on the purpose. With their help, one-to-one or group weighing of animals is carried out. If the company uses automation systems in its work, then additionally the scales for cattle are often connected to the terminal or PC. The presence of built-in batteries in some models allows you to weigh cattle and small animals without connecting the equipment to the mains.

Product information

Scale accuracy class according to GOST 29329
medium (III)
Platform height
from 45 mm to 60 mm
Operating temperature range
from -30 to +40 ° С
Degree of protection of the platform with sensors