The A2051 ScaUT system consists of two multi-element antenna arrays to transmit and receive the ultrasonic waves, and a Digital Focusing Aperture (DFA) algorithm designed to maximize the ultrasonic sensitivity of the system to identify flaws, classify flaw types and to determine the equivalent cross-sectional area and complete inspection of the weld bead. Provides constant acoustic contact with a low-flow rate capable of inspecting no less than ten lineal meters of weld with a single tank of coupling material. The constant flow of coupling material is provided through the built-in injectors in the antenna array. The laser-optic channel continuously measures the position of the antenna arrays relative to the axis of the weld.

Product features

Sensitivity to flaws along the welding bead from 0,5 sq. mm
Measuring accuracy of geometry along the weld bead 0,2 mm
Scanning speed 2 m/min
Thickness range from 4 to 40 mm
Coupling material - tank capacity 1 L
Minimum radius of curvature (to exterior face) from 300 mm
Material velocity range from 1 000 to 9 999 m/s
Operation time 4 h
System dimensions 415х166х146 mm
Weight 10 kg
Operating temperature range from – 20 to +50 ºC

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